If Your Weekends are Feeling like 100 Years of Solitude


In my social media job, I curate a ton of content so I read a lot of different publications. The other day I came across this article in Forbes about how single people get a lot of “much-needed alone time,” aka “restorative solitude.” Um yeah, restorative solitude is great, as long as it doesn’t happen from Friday night to Monday morning.

If I'd had the time to post a comment, my suggestion would have been that if your solitude does happen to be getting a little weekendy, it’s not a bad idea to invite someone for pie and coffee.

Pie says you’re friendly yet substantive, not calculating and desperate. Baking a pie yourself is ideal. No one is not impressed with someone who can bake a pie. But going out for pie is also fun, especially to a totally casual, unscene-like place like Du-par’s in the Farmer’s Market on Third Street at say, 3 PM. The booths are big and comfortable. The menu has fourteen different kinds of pie. And the waitress’ suggestions always have your best interest at heart.

Also, a pie date is risk-free. No fluids have to be exchanged, except for Half-and Half. If things aren't working out, you can keep it short because how long does it take to eat a piece of pie? And if it is a one-slice encounter, you’ll have the rest of the day to obsess about what you said, or didn't say, and what’s wrong with you -  that you never make it to the coffee refills. Which is just what restorative solitude is made for.