The Unseen Delights of Blind Baking


It’s not baking with a bandana over your eyes. Blind baking is when you partially bake the crust for a pie with a liquid filling, like pumpkin, so it's already sturdy when you pour in the filling and doesn’t end up like wet mush.

And that's great, but the real magic of blind baking is taking your slightly golden pie crust out of the oven and seeing possibilities you never imagined.

Like, should this be the boysenberry and plum combination you always thought would be delicious instead of the regular old blueberry you're about to make? Should you go buy those figs that finally appeared at the grocery and have a go at the Fig and Almond Tart that Giada di Laurentiis made to seem like a viable alternative to summering on Capri?

Which leads to thoughts about all those other possibilites you might be missing. Like when you said yes to dinner with the blueberry guy because he was the kind of berry you’d always felt comfortable with.

But the great thing is, there's no need for regrets. There’s always another pie crust to be made. The Fig and Almond Tart is still out there waiting, if you can just take the leap and bake it blind.