It was Sunday night at nine and I had a Monday morning deadline for a piece about chaos. Forget anything being written, I didn't even have an idea yet - and was still folding laundry, because when would I not be folding laundry on a Sunday night at 9:00? 

So, while I'm desperately searching for the other half of my newest pair of blue anklets, whose disappearance is totally inexplicable because how are you missing a sock when none of them have left the premises since you put them in the washer - I realize -  that's it, that's the title. And not just the title, the whole story. I mean, what else needed to be said? So, wow. Done. I could turn off the computer and turn on Masterpiece Theatre.

But wait, is saying everything by not saying anything allowed? Is it too radical? Too early twentieth century? Too John Cage? Well, yeah. Then I should do what Arnold Schoenberg said, "Be brave. Embrace the chaos. The center will hold."

Sooner or later the other blue sock will show up.