If there's a better definition of chaos, I'd like to know what it is because how does a blue anklet disappear between the washer and the dryer when it hasn't left the premises? I mean, okay, it's a staple of the human condition. Everyone's lost the sock. Or their assistant has. But that doesn't make it any less dispiriting, or even tragic, if the sock was new and overpriced because it was the perfect blue and texture for any shoe concept.

Having a problem of this magnitude is exactly when you need to turn to the masters. Like to the guy who invented 20th century music who, in addition to his genius painting, writing, and teaching, totally got that infinite possibility did NOT have to end in a tango with total destruction. In fact, if anyone had bothered listening to Arnold Schoenberg,  when he said, "Be brave. Embrace the chaos. The center will hold,"  the global nervous breakdown that started in 1914 and was just Part I of the century's two-part nervous collapse, could have been avoided altogether.  

Which makes it a lot easier to have faith in the fact that sooner or later the other blue sock will turn up.