Totally Cracked

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Anyone who's ever tried to extract a sliver of eggshell from a bowl of cracked yolks knows the agony of defeat as it slides back down into the depths of the slurpy whites. Hence, how to crack an egg becomes a must-have skill for anyone trying to prevent early onset pie despair. 

Lots of techniques abound: the side-of-the-bowl bash, the sharp rap counter hit, and for experts, the two-handed speed cracker technique. All of them focus on where to make the strike, which is in the middle, aka the egg equator, the weakest part of the shell. But no one talks much about variations on the strike. Which is why I'm grateful for the wisdom of the baker who taught me the ancient Teutonic secret of egg cracking: instead of bashing or rapping, take a thin-bladed knife and make a clean wack to the center of the egg. This minimizes the problem of bashed bits that can fall into the mix when the shell is pulled apart. In fact, it pretty much obviates having to pull it apart at all, since the cut also takes care of a good percentage of that.

Not focusing on where the blow will land, but on the cleanliness of the hit is something that can be applied to lots of other situations. It's like taking the lessons of yoga off the mat. Just something to think about as you cleanly crack your next egg.

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