Sinister Sunlight. The Allure of an Aussie Pie

pie wisdom.png

When my pie pal Valerie told me about Fork-In Aussie Pies in Santa Monica (there's one in Inglewood, too), I thought, this is the perfect place to meet up with Berda Gilmore (@SavageVtoria) to talk about her and Andrew Enriquez' sinister INSTAGRAM, The Daily Noir.  Aussie Fork-In-Pies is a sidewalk storefront  on Main Street - not  beach fancy - just pies with a breeze chaser.

The afternoon was just on the cool side of winter paradise and a little too bright to be honest, which is what Philip Marlow liked about Bay City, I mean Santa Monica. And the Aussie attitude was a nice touch. Sassy but substantial. Like you'd think twice before wising off to the staff. 

The pies are savory originals like Surfers Paradise, Thai Curry Chicken, BBQ Pulled Port, Chicken Tarragon, and Steak & Shiraz. I got the Ratatouille Veggie. Cozy, but not cloying. Marlow’s kind of take-out.

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