Pie Pal: MARYANNE LOVERME Creator of Los Angeles County Store

LA County Store owner MaryAnne LoVerme (center) , and artists Margaret Gallagher and Sara Vandersall

LA County Store owner MaryAnne LoVerme (center) , and artists Margaret Gallagher and Sara Vandersall

I found Los Angeles County Store the way my best relationships start lately, on INSTAGRAM. There were so many imaginative, witty, beautiful, colorful - just irresistible gifts and jewelry and books and art and - well you get the picture, that the farm-to-table idea instantly morphed into the IG-to-car-to-Los Angeles County Store-concept.

This is way beyond an idea for a store. This is a beautiful and elegant mission, given that in a city of more than 18 million people, not to mention the one for which capturing the imagination of the world through art and culture has pretty much been our hashtag from day one, it's amazing that -  before Los Angeles County Store, there was no store exclusively dedicated to locally made fine goods, with a strict policy about only allowing things that are made right in Los Angeles County. That makes MaryAnne not only a gifted curator, but a really important voice in our World City narrative.

There are also in-store trunk shows every Saturday from 12-2 PM featuring a different local maker, and I'd be at every one of them if I hadn't just gotten a text from American Express that said, "Really?" Not that that's ever stopped me. Or will, since Los Angeles County Store's mission "Support Los Angeles Artists and Artisans" is exactly what Penelope Pies is here to do, too.

What sparked the idea for the store?

I had a life-long dream of having my own store. When I moved to LA I realized there was no shop exclusively dedicated to goods made in Los Angeles, so I decided to open it!

What happened that told you the idea was taking off?

I knew I'd tapped into something people were excited about when the LA Times wrote about the shop and Eye On LA featured us.

What's the next thing you have to do? Not the next big milestone for the store, your next phone call?

I hate to talk on the phone, but the next thing I have to do is make some earrings.

What freaks you out at 3:00 Am?

Will I have enough money to cover all my expenses this month?

Okay Pie Pals, head over to 4333 West Sunset Boulevard or Los Angeles County Store, and let's all help MaryAnne get some sleep!